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Meet Rude Panda! She’s cute, but she IS RUDE!!! Rude Panda lives in the world of FutuRetroistic, but that doesn’t mean she’s there all of the time. This adventurous panda goes where no panda has gone before. You’ve probably seen her. Her graffiti is everywhere. She has photo-bombed some of the most significant moments in history – human and comic. You might see her in your favorite video game. Check out her selfie album. She knows (or has accosted) so many celebrities, you’re sure to see a photo of one of your all-time favorites. Rude Panda is a panda, so she eats all day. That’s why she is such a good cook! And what does she listen to when she’s whipping up her favorite recipes? Her own mixtapes, of course. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to catch Rude Panda on the ones and twos. Just don’t be offended if she makes fun of your clothes. Or your hair. Or your taste in music. Or your driving. Or your cooking. Or your face. You get the idea. Become a Patron!

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3 panel cartoon. 1st panel
3 panel cartoon. 1st panel
3 panel cartoon. 1st panel
3 panel cartoon. 1st panel
3 panel cartoon. 1st panel
3 panel cartoon. 1st panel Panda walks into Carlo's breakfast diner. The bell on the door rings as Kenny the turtle, who is sitting at a table eating his breakfast says, Good Morning Panda! Great to see you here. It's my new favorite breakfast spot!! I've been coming everyday since they opened. A sign hangs in the background stating, Big Boy Breakfast special, Cinnamon roll french toast stuffed with marscapone and smothered with candied bacon bits!! 2nd panel Panda says, Oh that explains it. I thought you'd put on a bunch of weight lately.She zooms to the next panel as the barista screams out, Organic black and white latte for panda! She grabs the coffee from the barista and says, I'm getting my coffee to go! Enjoy your breakfast!
3 panel cartoon with Panda in first panel standing in front of the MEGA MALL where the sgns screams, BUY! A woman runs up excitedly and exclaims, Oh ! Hey Panda !! Thanks for going shopping with me! as Panda waves to her. Pandas clothes are fancy and she is wearing a bracelet and of course a bow in her hair. 2nd panel the woman explains, I've been thinking of updating my wardrobe for awhile now and you always look great ! Panda poses, her little purse swaying from her arm. 3rd panel Panda turns and says, Oh it's no problem! I'd gladly sacrifice my afternoon if it means you'll look more presentable from now on! LET'S GO !The womans glasses fall down her nose as Panda slides out of the frame.
3 panel cartoon with Panda in first panel loading food onto her tray at a Super Veggie King All You Can Eat restuarant. A woman taps Panda on the back and says, Oh hey PANDA ! I didn't know you came to this vegetarian buffet! 2nd panel close up of Panda saying, Oh yes ! Those hippies may look like weirdos but they sure do make tasty food. 3rd panel panda zooms away with her tray full of food, leaving the entire buffet empty behind her as the woman's eyes bulge out of her sockets in disbelief.Panda says, See YA!
3 panel cartoon with Panda in first panel walking down the sidewalk as Kenny the Turtle says, Hey Panda! I've had another great harvest!! 2nd panel close up of Kenny the Turtle and Panda as Kenny asks, Would you like some more zucchinis from my garden? and panda replise OH! No thanks, I got plenty from sponge bill.3rd panel shows Kenny confused holding his zucchinis up in the air as Panda walks away and says, I think he must be a better gardener than you. His zucchinis are delicious! See ya later!
3 panel cartoon with Panda walking into a copy sho called get copies now. The boy in line in front of panda turns and says, OH ! hey Panda ! Making some copies too I see ! 2nd panel. Panda says oh yes ! Actually do you thinkI could go in front of you? 3rd Panle. Panda continues, I have some important documents and I see al you're doing is making some silly underground comic!
3 panel Rude Panda cartoon. in 1st panel. Panda is sitting at a table with her friend Kenny the turtle. The table is set for tea. Kenny says, AH! Afternoon tea with Panda ! 2nd panel. Kenny asks Panda excitedly, Oh Panda, Would you like some of my home made orange marmalade ? Panda replies, Um, Sure . 3rd panel. Kenny rushes to the kitchen to grab some of his marmalade exclaiming , I'll go get some ! Panda then says, Oh! Unless you have anything else. or do you only make stuff noone really likes? Oh! Teas all gone, while holding her empty cup up and a big smile on her cute face.
3 panel Rude Panda cartoon. in 1st panel A cute little Chipmunk stops Panda and says Oh Hey Panda!! Would you like to go to the Karaoke bar with me?!? 2nd panel close up on Rude Panda's face as she exclaims, Oh You Know How Much I LOVE KARAOKE!! 3rd panel shows Panda strolling away from a disgruntled looking chipmunk as she says, But your singing voice is like nails on a chalkboard! Maybe we'll go see a movie sometime. SEE YA!
3 panel Rude Panda comic. 1st panel shows Panda eating lots of food smiling happily reaching for more food as a voice from off camera says, Thanks for joining me for dinner PANDA !! 2nd panel continues, I've been gathering bamboo for WEEKS ! I even looked up all these bamboo recipes! Hundreds!Panda slurps down some soup. 3rd panel voice asks, so How is it? and Panda replies It's better than no food! Thanks for having me over!
3 panel cartoon with Panda in first panel answering the phone. Hello. 2nd frame close up of pandas face as she says hmmm. oh really??! Oh no. No I cant help you move today.Well its just that. 3rd frame shows Panda beside a pool lounging on a chair sunbathing and having a drink as she says Its just that Im very busy at the moment.

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