Mag/Zine Project Update. Pre-Orders now available!!

FUTURE. RETRO. ISTIC. FutuRETROistic ! a Future-Past Time Warp Technology project.
This project is HARD work. I am hoping to gain some fuel with this fundraiser in order to make this project better and strengthen my long-term creative practice.
I want us to bring this to fruition NOW! A new type of magazine, compiling creativity from many artforms into an inspiring and fun layout. A layout without any ads, fully funded by those who want the content or who just choose to support the creative process. I would love for this to be a digital and a PHYSICAL magazine. Focusing mainly on the art of graffiti and self expression across the country and along the timelines of reality these photos capture both the evolution of street art and the progression of city living. This magazine will be my chance to share all of the photos I have taken throughout the years , from the amazingly creative and inspiring multi-colored walls, down to the grimy slimy smelly alley ways displaying their scrawling tags and filthy beauty. This first issue, will be a collection of my photographs PLUS some contributor photographs from the expansive graffiti writer, toy maker and retro video-game maker communities that I am a part of.
I want this to be a beginning. I would LOVE to create something ongoing, a series of art book style magazine releases. Each issue featuring graffiti pictures from contributors, video game art, vinyl records and collectible figures, toys, ect. The Mag/Zine being accompanied by music is also part of this dream. I am thankful to know many talented artists and musicians who have offered their work for me to extend to the supporters of this project as bonus incentive for donations! Let's make this happen!
Thank you for any support and I look forward to finalizing this dream!
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