R.P.'s "AVOCADO TOAST" now available on a T-Shirt !??

That's right! Your favorite recipe comic star, RUDE PANDA is at it again and now you can help support the movement while arriving in style to the next Vegan picnic! Robin and I have been working hard here at Futuretroistic headquarters. We have been delivering quality content in the form of weekly comics and fresh delicious recipes. Don't forget to check out Rude Panda's Youtube channel and get in on the tasty tips!

We hope you have been entertained and somewhat educated while enjoying our Rude Panda comic creations. Issue #Sicks is available now in  limited comic book shops in the Bay Area and also online through the Futuretroisitc.com website. We are currently working on R.P. issue #7. This issue will be a cookbook!! 7 days of eats from Rude Panda!

Thanks for checking us out !!

get your "Avocado Toast" t-shirt here : https://vegantease.myshopify.com/products/rude-panda-avocado-toast-ultra-cotton-funny-t-shirt

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