Check out how Rude Panda likes to begin her rainy days at home. Join R.P. as she explains hipster coffee shops and the invaluable importance of AVOCADO TOAST ! ! Who doesn't enjoy a great toast at the local coffee shop from time to time to get your day started? What will RUDE PANDA do when she is confronted with a super rainy day and decides to not leave the house and venture out to her local Vegan coffee and pastry shop, the RUDE PANDA CAFE. Well, make her own toast of course !!
 " I couldn't make it to the hipster coffee shop today. So I charged myself 15 dollars for this Avocado Toast."-R.P.
Rude Panda's Easy avocado toast recipe:
1. Toast your favorite bread.
2. slice mushrooms! (chop chop chop!)
3. saute mushrooms in their own juices with sage oregano and sherry vinegar!
4. spread avocado on toast.
5. top with your delicious sauteed mushrooms!
"Altho the toast was tasty and the service wonderful, I only left a two dollar tip. I thought I am NOT paying 18 Dollars for Avocado Toast !! "-R.P.
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