BONUS!!!       Learn how to prevent sandwich butt explosion! 

The sandwich of your dreams, inspired by Philadelphia!

 You’ll find that Green Hoagies can satisfy even the most well-trained Philadelphia sandwich eater. This sandwich is free of saturated fats and cholesterol but big on flavor and loaded with nutrients. Get your teeth into one today!

Like chips with your sandwich?

Enjoy your Green Hoagie with Rude Panda’s Crispy Crunchy Vegan Oil-Free Pull Apart Pakoras!!!

They’re green, too!



Baguette or hoagie roll from your favorite bakery

2 Tablespoons Braggs Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce or Tamari or some other yummy salty sauce

Italian Seasoning to taste

¼ cup Nutritional Yeast Lemon (zest and juice)

Pepper Vegan Parm


Loads of green vegetables of your choice.

Choose ones in season, like asparagus!!! We used the following: Asparagus Fennel Green beans Zucchini Green Peppers Kale Broccoli Avocado

How to:

 Slice mushrooms into pieces that are about a half an inch thick. Place mushrooms in pan on medium-low heat. No oil or water are necessary at this point. Leave to cook while you slice other vegetables into nice inch-long pieces. Let your mushrooms cook and stick slightly to the pan before moving them around and leaving them alone again. Brown bits equal tasty bits, and you want to get some going before adding other vegetables which will give off liquid.

 Once mushrooms have started to brown and bits are sticking to the pan, add the vegetables that will take the longest to cook, like asparagus, fennel, and green beans.

 Stir, and chop other vegetables. Add them to the pan in the order that they cook, depending on how cooked you like your vegetables. We left most of them a little crunchy! Add your yummy salty sauce of choice along with nutritional yeast, the zest of one lemon, the juice of half a lemon, and pepper to taste.

Stir vegetables around in pan until they are done to your liking. If they stick to the pan add a little water, one or two tablespoons at a time. You don’t want the vegetables to burn to your pan, but you don’t want them to get soupy.

Taste and adjust seasoning.

Assemble your sandwich!

Prevent Sandwich Butt Explosion!!! Take the inside of your sandwich out.

Spread some avocado on your hollowed hoagie roll. Sprinkle with some Vegan Parm. Fill with green sandwich filling. Sprinkle with some more Vegan Parm. Enjoy!

Tune in next week when Rude Panda shows you how to make her famous Vegan Hemp Parm in her new and highly anticipated series -- Pre-Paired Foods!!!

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