Rude Panda still loves cheesy sauces!! VEGAN of course! Made from potatoes and sweet potatoes. GOOEY, CHEESY and YUMMY!!! Enjoy this nut free, oil free, plant based whole food food. Blend up yours today and enjoy pouring all over your next meal. SEE YA! This technique is so versatile! For those of you who want a recipe here's a version that works really well: Ingredients 2 medium russet potatoes (any starchy white potato will do, but russets make the stickiest gooiest “cheese”) 1 small orange fleshed sweet potato (makes it the right color and a little sweet, like cheese is!) ½ cup large-flake nutritional yeast (savory, umami, cheesy! Use more or less to your taste!) 1 Tbsp white miso (sweet, salty, and umami!) ¼ tsp chipotle pepper powder (smoky and spicey!) Black pepper ¼ cup pickle juice from fermented pickles, that is, the ones made with salt and water. (The lactic acid that develops during the pickling process helps with the cheesy flavor. Cheese is also made through lacto-fermentation. See substitution below if you do not have lacto-fermented pickles.) Optional: Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce or Tamari or Salt to taste NOTE: If you do not have lacto-fermented pickles you will have to find something to replace the tangy, creamy, and off flavor you get from it. You can try 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (or the juice from vinegar pickles), the zest of half a lemon, and a tsp of Dijon mustard. Stay tuned for Rude Panda’s Lacto-Fermented Pickle Parade to learn how to pickle! What to do Slice and steam potatoes and sweet potatoes until soft – about 20-25 minutes. Steaming is the best way to prepare potatoes! So much tastier than boiling! Place cooled-but-still-slightly-warm potatoes and sweet potatoes in a blender or food processor along with the remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings. If your blender or food processor is struggling, add water one tablespoon at a time until it can get going. Variations If you want a creamier cheese sauce you can add soaked cashews or hemp seeds! If you want a sharper cheese sauce you can add mustard powder or more Dijon mustard! If you like garlic and onions you can add sautéed garlic and onions or garlic and onion powder! If you like it spicy you can add more chipotle or some pickled jalapeños! Enjoy Rude Panda's Not Cheese Sauce on everything! Pizza! Sandwiches! Tacos! Macaroni! Quinoa! Rice! Broccoli! Veggie balls! Baked Fries! Make Rude Panda's Chana Cheese Fries!! Check out some of Rude Panda’s other projects. She is one busy panda! · · · · ·



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