BORN INVINCIBLE ! viewing party !!!

Get that POPCORN popping and that couch comfy !!

Director: Joseph Kuo

Cast: Carter Wong, Nancy Yan, Lo Lieh, Jack Long

BORN INVINCIBLE showcases the Tai Chi elements of Kung-Fu.

 All fear the White Haired Man!

Directed and produced by Joseph Kuo, BORN INVINCIBLE brings forth what is considered a Kung Fu Hall of Fame masterpiece! Shaw action director Robert Tai and Yuen Woo Ping, and his clan join forces to bring a tour de force in action films. Carter Wong is the White Haired hermit, who has mastered Tai Chi, and uses it to deadly perfection. A superb cast, including Lo Lieh (Fists of the White Lotus), and Jack Long (7 Grandmasters), helps make this a must see, over and over again, a classic! Put this on repeat today!!