BUDDHIST FIST vs. BUDDHIST PALM viewing party !!

 Let's look at Yuen Woo-Ping's The Buddhist Fist. Two orphans raised by monks are taught divine secrets of kung fu. One became a master of The Buddhist Fist while the the other mastered The Buddha Palm. The two orphans become as close as brothers. As they grow into adults one chooses the path of the monks while the other opts for the outside world and becomes a barber.

 The barber, Shang, later learns that his childhood friend, Siu Ming, has been framed for murder by an unknown villain who  has been killing throughout the village. The plot escalates when Shang's Godfather is kidnapped and Shang begins looking into the crime. He quickly finds himself the target of an assassination attempt for investigating. The two orphan brothers unite to seek vengeance on the mysterious killer & kidnapper... but the end conclusion will leave you in total shock!!!

Enjoy the film with a friend and some popcorn for a maximum fun factor!