BYTE-OFF 2020!!

NesMaker logo 4.5.6

The New 8-bit Heroes are doing their BYTE-OFF competition this year. In this event, people will be creating new 8-bit video games for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System!! The NES is a classic console, and with the aid of the NesMaker tool you can create a game without needing to learn any code! Granted your "code-less" game will be much less exciting than if you know how to get in there and tweak the code a bit. Fortunately the great team over at NesMaker has created tutorials explaining the functions and some of the capabilities of the tool. There are different modules for a variety of games. The tutorial videos for each "module" range from beginner to advanced. So even if you have no experience you can get started. Depending on your comfort level and patience you can begin to dig around in the code a bit with the guidance of the Mystic Searches creator and NesMaker guru himself, Joe Granato. Joe does a wonderful job on these tutorial and orientation videos.

 If you want to get started making your own 8-bit video game then head over to The New 8-bit Heroes site, download the tool and sit down with your favorite beverage and get started on the orientation video! I can guarantee you will have a blast making your own characters come to life. Even if you have no idea for your game, the tutorials come with pre-made assets for you to get started!

 We here at FutuRETROistic are excited to be a part of this years competition! We shall see you at the finish line!



 Download the software here:

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