Cheech Wizard and some other characters from Vaughn Bode

  "A few years back the film’s director Nick Francis came across an Instagram account devoted to Vaughn, run by his son Mark. Always curious about this legendary figure, Nick reached out to learn more and the two connected on art, film, and the potential of a documentary. Months later, when plans for a Bode family reunion in upstate New York were in the works, the two agreed it was the perfect opportunity to record some of the voices closest to Vaughn. They made the journey together and along the way met with several notable street artists who shared stories of Vaughn’s influence as well. Upon returning to California Nick knew he had the makings of something very special." _ Book Of Vaughn on Kickstarer.

  "In death, the self-proclaimed ‘Cartoon Messiah’ was resurrected by a new generation of inner-city youth who looked to Vaughn’s unique style as a foundation on which to build their own revolutionary art movement: graffiti. And while Vaughn’s impact on the underground was widely known, his impression on popular media and culture became evident as time went on. From Pixar, to The Simpsons, to the Ninja Turtles and beyond…countless artists, illustrators, and authors continue to name Vaughn as a major influence."

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"The Book of Vaughn is the first documentary to fully explore the life and work of this extraordinary underground figure. Most of his published work is only available in original comic form and in rare collections made in the years following his death. Very few images of Vaughn appear online, and interviews or articles giving us a glimpse into the mind of the artist are few and far between."

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_ T.F.