CHECK IT OUT !! This Kickstarter project is great for those who are making video games. Do you need some music?? Not sure how to make it. Well now you can make "chiptune" music for your NES and C64 retro game creations! Users with programming experience will be able create their own custom software for Obscura using the Arduino IDE. (Obscura is based on the Arduino Leonardo platform.) Unlike many other microcontroller-based synthesizers, which use pulse-width-modulation (PWM) to generate weak, noisy, low-quality audio signals, the Obscura uses an auxiliary digital-to-analog converter chip with true 8-bit quantization to produce a clear, high-quality audio signal. The Obscura is USB powered and does not require a special wall adapter with a barrel-jack type connector. The simple user interface consists of two patch control buttons, a reset button, and a 7-segment LED display. Audio is output via a standard 1/8'' (3.5 mm) stereo audio jack. (Although primarily designed to be a line out, the audio output can supply enough current to drive most headphones.) 

Check out and support the project here : OBSCURA on Kicstarter.