D.C. HarDCore captured!! 1980's LIVE footage

Gang Green performing LIVE
I came across this gem of a collection. These videos  circa (1985-88) display a great variety of D.C. Punk and Hardcore bands from that era. This was the heyday of Hardcore in Washington D.C. area. The scene expanded into Maryland and Virginia with kids from all around loving the fresh sound. A wonderful form of expression from the youth of the day. Check out this great collection from Sohrab Habibion. I would like to thank him for catching these great moments for all of us . 
FUGAZI perfomring LIVE
  " I videotaped about 60 or so bands between 1985 and 1988. Please keep in mind that I was a teenager when I shot these shows and had zero proficiency with the equipment. And, as you might imagine, nobody was doing anything with the lights or the sound to make things any better. What you get here is what was recorded on my Betamax and probably best appreciated with a bit of generosity as a viewer. If you notice any mistakes or typos or were in one of the bands and would prefer not to be included, please contact me. Many thanks to Roswell Films for digitizing all the tapes and the DC Public Library for including them in their Punk Archive, which you can explore here: https://www.dclibrary.org/punk" - Sohrab Habibion
 Check out his Youtube channel: HERE !!