Hitman in the Hand of Buddha- viewing party !!

Hitman in the Hand of Buddha
Directed by Hwang Jang-lee
Starring Hwang Jang-lee
Eddy Ko
Fan Mei Sheng
Tino Wong Cheung
Distributed by Hwang Jang Lee Production Company
Running time
91 minutes (Hong Kong version)
81 minutes (Korean version)
72 minutes (German version)
Language Mandarin
Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (Korean title: 인무가인) is 1981 Korean and Hong Kong co-production movie directed by Hwang Jang-lee himself and co-directed by Yeung Wai and Park Yun Gyo. This was the first and only Hwang Jang-lee's film to produce in his own production company. Hwang Jang Lee produced, directed and starring himself as a hero role without the moustache which perhaps few occasion where Hwang appears as a good guy. The action sequence was choreographed by Chin Yuet Sang, Corey Yuen and Mang Ho .