Here are some videos of gameplay from the NES Maker 2019 Byte-off competition!!

Dragon Master, Dummy Duck, Eternal Prelude, Flea, and Global Warming

Bohpoli, Closeout, Diablobetes, DimensionShift

DoodleLand !!

Grave Adventure, Hammer Smack, Happy Scrappy, Harry Dwarf, Hazard

Hey Reset, Jane Jones Poet Detective, Jelly Jam'd, Kubo2, Llamagade, Minotaurs, Miner

XenoCreeps, WitchCity, Windmere, UndergroundAdventure, TwilightofPowers, TurtleRescue, 2TheEndsOfTheEarth

projectKunoichi PizzaParty PinkFace Pingback PandorasBlocks PageTurner OfficeHero Nix

Soko Banana, Ski Pirates, Silver Island, Shokan Doro, Shaolin Squirrel, Shadow and Renegades

TimeSurvivor TimeChaser TheDelivery SwampDonkey Spacevania SpaceRaft SpacePunkd

40 Thieves Adventure of Eldoran Airboat Apocalypse Artix Attack of the Gummy Bears Bogen

NESMaker is one of the best things to happen to the world of video games in a long time. Well maybe for a nerd like me! Now you can make your own 8bit games for the NES!! Even burn your creation onto a classic cart and play in an original Nintendo made NES system. Blowing on game cartridge NOT recommended.

Now this last month has been a massive increase in the number of games available for the NES. The guys over at The New 8BIT HEROES are in the midst of a brutal competition amongst creators! This competition has spawned some great games that really seem to only have been possible through the cooperation of those involved. The NES Maker tool has not only created a slick user interface for those who wish to make a NES style game without all the coding knowledge needed to pull off such a task but has also created a new community amongst creators of video games!

The competition is now closed and all the games have been submitted. You can be involved by voting for your favorite game! Downloading to your computer and playing with an emulator is highly recommended altho you can PLAY these brand new NES games right in the comfort of your own browser here: 8BIT HEROES ARCADE

ENJOY the games and don't forget to be involved and vote for your favorites!!

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