Another NES game?!? Yep! New NES games are popping up out here in the wild. You should check out the newest project from Hippokittie Speedruns !! The project is called OOZE REDUX. ooze redux nes game cover


"A corrupt company, tasked to help clean up the pollution in the world, has taken over everywhere. They destroy any that oppose them, sending their mutants and experiments to take over.

gameplay screenshot from ooze redux nes 8bit nintendo game

Our Hero is a survivor of one of these attacks, forever mutated by them. He has taken up arms with the resistance force to take down the company once and for all.

He is taking the fight to their main headquarters, take control of him as he goes through a secret entrance and fights his way to the mysterious unseen CEO."

screenshot from ooze redux a nes game 8bit nintendo

"It is a game of passion originally, inspired by the bad Action 52 NES and Genesis Ooze game; but adapting a world and play style closer to Megaman and Trojan. 😛 with music inspired by industrial sounds and Robocop the movie and monsters based on Toxic avenger and C.H.U.D. styles" - William Hall. That's straight from the creators mind and mouth! If you're into low budget horror flicks I think you'd dig this. Check him out on the Kickstarter campaign here and consider backing this NES cartridge production from the folks over at Hippokittie Speedruns today!!