Check it out!! What a great project on Kickstarter!! Do you love MANGA?!? Who doesn't?! Well now's your chance to help an inspiring artist fulfill his dreams of turning his story into a true MANGA experience. The Author of Rainy Days, G. Empty, is a native of Chocolate City (Washington D.C.). The Illustrator is Gahmeur H. From Vietnam, a freelance illustrator who has worked on hundreds of projects for over 7 years.


"Discover a fantasized yet authentic tale of hardship, struggle, drama and triumph with characters of color all set in a post-apocalyptic world 400 years in the future!"

Here's so more details from the official Kickstarter page...

"Present day saw decades and decades of extreme drought. Rain stopped falling, sandstorms whirled around the world and livestock and agriculture came to a standstill. The world changed from fighting one another to fighting the issue at hand but the world's social-economic issues still existed and drove every decision. Ultimately, the powers that be moved forward with approving the use of gigantic weather machines strategically placed all around the world. Though they initially seem to work in making the rain fall again, there were soon two very terrible side effects. The first was memory loss that left the world confused as to how they came to be in this current arrangement with the government. The second, decades later, was the rain becoming more and more acidic, to the point where a single drop could burn through a human body as if their body was made of cotton candy.

400 years later, our story follows the lives of a group of freedom fighters with varying levels of resistance to the acidity of the rain. Together, they fight to change the circumstances of the few remaining humans on the planet while trying to discover the truth of how they all came to be."

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