Rude Panda's Mostly Instrumental Xciting MIX !!

RUDE PANDA'S Mostly Instrumental Xciting MIX!!

WOW ! ! I really enjoyed RUDE PANDA's newly released "Mostly Instrumental Xciting MIX!" on limited edition black and white cassette. The cassette tape shell is white on one side and black on the other ! Perfect for Panda mixes ! This rare collection of vinyl 45 rpm 7" records represents many forms of music presented in a fun and exciting format. It was like I took a time traveling trip around the world with sounds of surf rock, soul, 80's electro, funk, jazz and many more styles of music in a classic mixtape format from my favorite DJ, RUDE PANDA !! The cassette version of this mixtape comes with the latest issue (#6) of RUDE PANDA's mini quick comics and of course, some exclusive FUTURETROISTIC stickers!! Issue six is entitled "RUDE PANDA SICKS!!" Order your copy of "RUDE PANDA's MOSTLY INSTRUMENTAL XCITING MIX" on cassette NOW ! !