TAI CHI MASTER original with Jet Li_ viewing party!!

AMAZING ! ! JET LI again!! You really cant go wrong with a Jet Li movie! This classic has been copied and repeated many times but this film has a classic quality many others lack. Lets take a look at this Kung-Fu classic and get hype! Enjoy!


Directed : Yuen Woo-ping

Produced : Jet Li

Written : Kim Yip

Starring : Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Chin Siu-ho, Fennie Yuen, Cheung-yan Lau Shun

Production : Eastern Production

Distributed : Golden Harvest, Gala Film Distribution

Copyright Music : Rock Records 滾石國際音樂股份有限公司 北京思执聚力网络科技有限公司 (PocoMix)

Channel: 黑龙江网络广播电视台 China Heilongjiang Tv

Official Channel Release : 18 November 1993