TAPEWORM !! Only TWO more days on K.S.!!!

TAPEWORM for the NES!!


This has to be a great match for the #TAPEfiend ?!?!

A cassette INSIDE the NES cart?! wow!!

tapeworm blue clear cart with cassette inside

Check out this great new NES game on Kickstarter. But you better back it soon! two days left!! These guys have some great stretch goals as well! Check out the K.S. page for the TAPEWORM 8bit NES game here: TAPEWORM !

gameplay screenshot of Tapeworm nes video game for 8bit system

You can play the DEMO version here: DEMO GAMEPLAY

Tapeworm cib for NES grey cart version with manual

"Tapeworm is a spin off sequel too Flea and is a puzzle game combining elements of Snake , Anteater and Lolo. The game will be available for NES, Dreamcast and PC.

Also for Playdate and Switch if we reach those stretch goals."- Tapeworm Team.

Tapeworm on cart grey blue and clear blue versions

Go support this project NOW ! ! while you still can !!