The New ATARI VCS or "Video Computer System"!

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The New ATARI VCS or "Video Computer System"!

Online gaming, web surfring and my favorite feature Independent Developers will be encouraged to build more games for the system. The VCS will also offer more diverse gameplay as they open up to developers.


"Instead of focusing on a narrow set of expensive AAA titles, our store will promote games made by smaller studios and treat indie developers like “triple A” publishers, allowing users to discover some of the really creative work that is more likely to be lost in the mix on larger platforms. These games will help revive the spirit of independent 3rd party development that is part of Atari’s DNA and also be relatively inexpensive compared to big-budget console games, many of which may land in the $70 price range as the new console generation begins. Titles in Atari’s store are expected to be much more affordable, with prices ranging anywhere from $3 to $25, with no fees imposed by Atari for online access.

 We are also working with several studios to introduce re-imagined versions of Atari classics optimized for the VCS and its new Wireless Classic Joystick. The Joystick itself is a key differentiator for Atari. There is nothing else exactly like it right now and the possibilities it creates for new and reimagined gameplay is quite significant. The recently-announced Missile Command: Recharged is a good example of this, with other games like it in the pipeline."- Michael Arzt Atari VCS Chief Operating Officer

Atari Video Computer System

I look forward to seeing all the creativity that comes out of this type of gaming system. Let me know what you think of the new system.

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