THE SECRET RIVALS - viewing party !!

Check it out!!! THE SECRET RIVALS !!

From Director Ng See Yuen and starring the amazingly skilled cast of  Wong Tao, John Liu, Hwang Jang Lee, James NamTHE SECRET RIVALS delivers exactly the type of KUNG FU action we are looking for here at FutuRETROisitc !!

 A classic kung fu movie! Wong Tao plays Shen Yi Wei, the son of a General, who travels to Gold Valley in Korea, to investigate a gold heist that took place 3 years ago. Shen Yi Wei finds out that the only way that he can get closer to the gang that robbed the gold, is by entering a competition sponsored by the gang leader, who is looking for a top kung fu fighter to become his bodyguard. Along the way, Shen Yi Wei, meets Hsia Yi Fei (Northern Leg) this "Secret Rival", has his own score to settle with the gang leader and mastermind of the gold robbery Silver fox. Together, Shen Yi Wei and his "Secret Rival", join forces to take on the Silver Fox (Hwang Jang Lee). A great action packed movie with an excellent final fight.

 SHOUT OUT to "The WUTANG COLLECTION" for posting the best classic Kung Fu around!