KENNY the TURLTE bio page. Shows Kenny surfing really well, driving one of his custom creations, his mini surf skate vanmobile. Also kenny eats tacos and hangs loose while throwing a taco across the page yelling now that's one bad taco!
Meet Kenny the Turtle! Kenny is a Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas), and the best pal anyone could hope to have. He travels a lot visiting his cousins all over the planet, but he calls FutuRETROistic home. Kenny was born in Hawaii and moved to FutuRETROistic after meeting Rude Panda at a Living Fossils Endangered Species (LiFES) meeting. Spending more time on land has helped him improve his DJing skills, and rapping on land is A LOT easier than rapping underwater. There have been some downsides to land-living, though; Kenny doesn’t get to surf nearly as much as he used to. But like all true Hawaiians, he moves to the beach for the Summer, and each year looks forward to a long season of surfing and SUNSETS WITH SNACKS!!! If you don’t see Kenny at the beach, look for him on his longboard, or at the coffee shop surfing the net, or in his workshop working on his customs, or in his garden growing vegetables, or in the studio. His rap album is about to drop!