Angel Support Level

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This is the "ANGEL" DONATION !!!
If you just want to help support this idea with as little or as much as you wish, this is your chance!!

Or if you just have an overwhelming urge to support this labor of love.
 Help me achieve my goals!!
I need all the help I can get to make this magazine a reality!
All my time, energy and years spent on taking these photographs and editing them into a magazine style format will only take this project so far!

Now I need YOUR HELP to make this dream come true.

and by HELP, I mean more specifically, your MONEY! ;)

 In order to pay for the printing and shipping of the physical product I will need monies to make it happen. This Support Level is here for those who wish to help fund the project but don't need anything in return for their contribution. If you would like to make a DONATION please do so at this level. You can enter ANY amount you'd like!! From 1 dollar to 1 Million dollars ! THANKS in advance for your SUPPORT! I greatly appreciate your time and energy! THANK YOU !

 If you want a copy of the FutuRETROistic Mag/Zine and all the perks that come along with it please use a different Support Level as this is a NO REWARDS level;) You could always do BOTH !!